Kicking Horse Mountain in a Stop for Open Air Adventures


The Kicking Horse Mountain is a great stop to person the outdoor adventures such as mountain biking if you are traveling through the
Canadian Rockies. There are six national parks in this region, and the Golden is the perfect one to enjoy an adventure in the grand Canadian Rockies. You can spend time in hiking, rafting, mountain biking, etc. in this region. The town of Golden is not a touristy place, but it is less expensive and in a better location. It is a place that will suit only the adventure junkies and not the ordinary tourists, so it is not visited by all who travel to Canada.

You can enjoy a great downhill mountain biking with the 29 different downhill trails that are available in the Kicking Horse Mountain. These trails range from the beginner level to the expert level and everyone can enjoy the fun mountain biking experience. Even mountain biking events are conducted in this place on an annual basis. If you are new to downhill mountain biking, you need to understand that this mountain is not intimidating as it appears to be. Apart from biking, you can also enjoy rafting, paragliding, whitewater, canoeing, wildlife spotting, etc. in this region. Also, you can get to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the mountainous region.

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Sailing around Key West – A Learning


The Florida Keys is a wonderful place to be in. If you happen to visit this place, you can sail a boat to know how it is to slice through the water under the shiny sun. You can speed into the backcountry sails and enjoy seeing the dolphins playing off the port. It is a magical experience to enjoy the cruising of the ocean with just the power of wind. This ancient mode of transportation is quite special as it is silent without the engine sound. You will hear only the wind’s sound. And, you are free to travel in the direction that you want without any restrictions.

One should know the art of tackling for sailing in a crisscross direction in order to reach the goal. This can also be done by flipping the sail between the sides without knocking anyone who is overboard as the boom swings on the boat. Well, you need to move with the wind like turning slightly towards your left or right to reach your destination. The Florida Keys is the best place to sail over the nutrient rich emerald water that is a home for the Spiny Lobsters. In these waters, you can try a bit of snorkeling as well.

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