Go for Wildlife Safari in Tortuguero National Park

The Tortuguero National Park is located in Costa Rica. It is a remote area covered with wildlife. It is accessible only by aircraft and boat. Though it is located in a rare location, it is said to be the third popular and most visited park in the country. The boat remains as the main transportation, and it helps the travelers to pass through canals and waterways.

Visiting the jungle

As the boat goes through the Tortuguero town, you can see colorful homes beautifully built on the water edges. The majority of residents living in that part usually take a dip in the water from their front yard. The Evergreen Lodge comes under a series of environment-friendly and comfortable cabins. It is also located on the bends of Tortuguero National Park.

There are several ancient trees covering the pathways of the park. It is tall in structure rising till the sky. Other vegetation covers the gaps of the park. The narrow suspension bridges dangle above the tropical swampland.

Keeps your eyes open

While you cross this bridge, ensure to keep your eyes open. You could easily spot rare and beautiful creatures like strawberry poison dart frog.

The colorful frogs secrete poison from their skin to defense itself. It is the reason it has been given the name dart frogs.

Monkey business

Tortuguero National Park holds three rare species of monkeys. It is sure you can witness them all when you go for jungle safari. The monkeys will crowd in the treetops, and you feel like imaginary monsters when you see suddenly. In reality, the monkeys do not look scary at all.

In the evenings, a large crowd plays on the treetops are swinging and search for food. If you miss eating your meal without attention, there are chances for your food to vanish. The fruity critters behave smart.

Though you would have not exactly entered the park, you would see a lot of animals and species all over. Ensure to take a pair of good binoculars to spot beautiful and colorful birds. It is the best spot for bird watching.

You can spot birds like endangered Green Macaw and Keel Billed Toucan in the trees found near the water.

Animals Everywhere

When you indulge on two hours safari in Tortuguero National Park, you will be able to see lots of animals and birds. Some of the birds include Anhinga, Bare – Throated Tiger Heron, and Snowy Egret.

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Montreal River Surfing – Not a Classic Surf Trip

When an adventurous person thinks of Canada, surfing will be the first thing that comes to the mind of the person. In Montreal, it is possible for you to surf the continuous waves, especially on the Saint Lawrence River. The river is known for the strong currents and the whitewater rapids. In fact, it is a favorite spot to carry out activities such as rafting and kayaking. This river in Montreal is one of the few rivers in the world that features standing waves that are large enough to use a surfboard to ride. The river waves are produced by huge volumes of water that flows over rocks. This produces large waves that are suitable for convenient surfing.

Such large standing waves let the surfers float into the wave and ride with the flow of water as long as they want unlike as in the ocean waves. The highlight of the Saint Lawrence River is the Habitat 67 wave that is a larger and faster one located behind a well-known building with that name. There is no denying of the fact that river surfing is challenging, but you need to take practice to maneuver the same into position carefully. So, next time you visit Montreal, do not miss to experience the river surfing adventure.

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Kicking Horse Mountain in a Stop for Open Air Adventures


The Kicking Horse Mountain is a great stop to person the outdoor adventures such as mountain biking if you are traveling through the
Canadian Rockies. There are six national parks in this region, and the Golden is the perfect one to enjoy an adventure in the grand Canadian Rockies. You can spend time in hiking, rafting, mountain biking, etc. in this region. The town of Golden is not a touristy place, but it is less expensive and in a better location. It is a place that will suit only the adventure junkies and not the ordinary tourists, so it is not visited by all who travel to Canada.

You can enjoy a great downhill mountain biking with the 29 different downhill trails that are available in the Kicking Horse Mountain. These trails range from the beginner level to the expert level and everyone can enjoy the fun mountain biking experience. Even mountain biking events are conducted in this place on an annual basis. If you are new to downhill mountain biking, you need to understand that this mountain is not intimidating as it appears to be. Apart from biking, you can also enjoy rafting, paragliding, whitewater, canoeing, wildlife spotting, etc. in this region. Also, you can get to enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the mountainous region.

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