A Travel To Mexico


It is possible to plan a trip to Mexico within the budget and here are some vital tips and points to be noted in order to do the perfect planning.

The first point here is Mexico is not a very dangerous place as many people talk about it. In fact, it is just another safe state in the United States of America. Since the sensational news from the place is alone reported in the news, many people assume it to be a place filled with terror and danger that is not true. As a matter of fact, many people started to create a mass hysteria about his place. Also, this is a very big state, and only the Northern parts have some violent actives now and then. This does not mean the entire state is violent.

There are many other cities in other states too that has alarming crime rates, and this does not mean the spot is unsafe for the foreigners. If the traveler has some Spanish knowledge, then it will be advantageous while moving around in Mexico. In case, if the traveler is not aware of the Spanish language, then it will be a very good idea to carry a Spanish pocket guide in order to make the communication easier.

The citizens of Mexico are very friendly, hard working and patient. Even complete strangers will feel free to show the directions. They will be ready to offer drinks and cook food if necessary. They will not have any type of expectations in return. First, the traveler might feel a bit odd to reveal about himself/ herself to a stranger but it is a natural kindness from the people, so there is nothing to be afraid of. For the travel of 36 days, the amount spent for a single person was $995. Around $27.64 US was spent for a single day’s expenses. In fact, the travel costs in Mexico will be very less, especially if the traveler avoids major tourist cities. Using buses for transport and stays at dorms will ensure saving some dollars. Also, self-cooking will be another wonderful idea to avoid expenses.

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